Akamba is a celebration of fire, rhythm, and earth. A celebration wrapped in one of the most iconic landscapes of our country. The landscape of the blue agave of Tequila.

It's not just a festival of music, art, and gastronomy; it's a space for positive interaction and collective memory. Here, we allow ourselves to build a new reality that, despite being ephemeral, can imprint a new approach to traditions in our community. It's an approach to contemporary culture, where the ancestral intertwines with current and global ideas and experiences, weaving new meanings through expression, dance, and respect for the diversity that represents us.

Let's celebrate Akamba together, whose name means agave in the local Purépecha language: an extravagant, strong, productive, and resilient plant - symbolic of our cultural values.


Tequila, Jalisco, is an emblematic region of our country, responsible for the designation of origin of our most representative beverage. Red earth, home to the blue agaves and ancient cultures, where the majesty of the Tequila Volcano is outlined on the horizon.

Our festival takes place within the blue agave fields of José Cuervo, a unique landscape for an event of this kind, with more particularities that make this festival a unique destination in the world.

Was born from its crater, the lava that forms obsidian, a beautiful sharp stone and amulet of this agave landscape designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. We are guests of the dormant volcano, its endemic species, and the legends told by those who were here before.

It is important to respect the location in all its aspects. This includes reading and practicing the guide we have put together to mitigate our carbon footprint in the face of the space that hosts us. In addition, arriving with proper boots, hats, and sunglasses will help us enjoy every moment of Akamba to the fullest. You can find all this information in our guide.

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Akamba is Carbon Zero, since 2022, this means that we measure, reduce and compensate for our CO2 emissions. However, since our first edition in 2018 we’ve been measuring and reducing those emissions.


We have internal policies and sustainable production alignements that we enhance in every edition of Akamba. 


We’ve designed and applied a waste separation program and residue management,  to avoid the biggest amount of materials ending up in landfills.