Is there a parking spot for my car in the venue?

This year we’ll have many improvements in this area. The festival has a wide parking spot where it can park our audience’s cars. Make sure to travel with at least 2 people to the festival.

Does the festival have a designated area for people with reduced mobility or functional diversity?

The space is suitable for individuals with reduced mobility. Although it is a wild terrain, it is a flat area where people in wheelchairs can move freely. Nevertheless, we recommend that individuals with reduced mobility come accompanied by someone who can assist and support them with any needs.

Does the festival have a lost and found booth?

Any lost or found items are reported to our production office. You can reach out to us via social media during and after the festival to inquire whether we have found your belongings.

What payment methods will be accepted at the festival?

Akamba operates under the cashless wristband system, which can be loaded with debit cards, credit cards, and cash at various recharge points located in different areas.

Does Akamba have security and medical assistance?

Certainly, we will have a prepared team to assist with any possible emergencies or incidents. Upon arriving at the festival, make sure to locate our security modules and points.

What items are not allowed to enter the festival?

The use of laser pointers, professional cameras, glass bottles, cans, aerosols, drugs, and prohibited substances is strictly prohibited. y armas de cualquier tipo. For more information, please refer to our section on permitted items. 

What is the weather of the location?

Being a natural and desert space, keep in mind that a warm climate predominates throughout the day and night. Sudden gusts of wind and dust may occur, and the temperature drops during the early morning. We recommend wearing sunscreen during the day and warm clothing for the night, as well as comfortable and closed-toe footwear.

What time should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at 3:00 pm to fully enjoy the festival experience. However, if you plan to see a particular artist, it's advisable to arrive at least an hour before their performance.

Are they ATMs on-site?

We do not have ATMs, so it's best to come prepared with your debit or credit card or enough cash to reload your cashless wristband, as it is the only method of purchase for drinks and food.

How about food and beverage services?

Yes, the festival strives to offer a wide variety of food and beverages to suit all tastes.Are there vegan/vegetarian food options?Yes, you will always find vegan, vegetarian, and pescetarian food options at the festival's culinary projects.

Can I bring my own container to refill with drinks?

Yes, you can bring your plastic or metal container, as long as it is not glass, is empty, and has a maximum capacity of 750 ml.

How about water fountains or hydration stations?

We will have a free hydration unit available from 3:00 pm until supplies last.

What are the bus schedules?

DEPARTURE: 1:30 pm
RETURN: Multiple departure times starting from 12:30 AM

What is the bus departure point?

We will inform you later; stay tuned to our social media and official channels.


Is there official transportation from Guadalajara?

Yes, we will have an official transportation system that will take you from Guadalajara and bring you back to the city. The service will depart from a strategic point. Check the "How to Get There" section on our website for more details.

Can I find other private or individual transportation from Tequila to Guadalajara?

Not officially. Tequila has its own taxi stand, and there are some private services and vehicles that provide transportation, although they are not official. It is recommended to call in advance if you want to request a taxi.

Is there a DROP OFF zone for Uber, DiDi, Cabify, and taxis in the festival area?

Yes, these services operate only when departing from Guadalajara and will have access to a special area at the venue. However, it is important to consider that these apps do not have service or coverage in Tequila to request your return ride.

Is there collective transportation to the festival?

Yes, we offer a round-trip bus route from Guadalajara. Check the prices, schedules, and departure points on our official channels. You can purchase your pass at our passline link.

Can I attend from another city?

Certainly, it's very easy to get to Guadalajara either by land or by air. If you purchase your ticket in advance, you can fly at very affordable costs. Once in Guadalajara, you can use our official transportation system or make your way to the festival using taxis, Uber, or private cars.

How long does it take from Guadalajara to the festival?

The time is variable and depends on your location, traffic conditions, and other factors. Consider at least 90 minutes of travel time from the metropolitan area. For more certainty, check your favorite traffic application on the day of the event, setting "AKAMBA FESTIVAL" as the destination.

What is the bus departure point?

We will inform you later; stay tuned to our social media and official channels.

What are the bus schedules?

DEPARTURE: 1:30 pm
RETURN: Multiple departure times starting from 12:30 AM